The Tropical Fruits Compendium

This hard-cover book will tell you everything you want to know about tropical fruits, 135 species are introduced here, originating from Tropical America, Asia, Middle-East, Africa, all grow on Reunion island and if some sound like well-known dessert friends such as mangoes and papayas, some may be less famous but nontheless tasty, like the bunchosia or the Ceylon gooseberry. All species are described, botanically as well as in growth requirements terms, widely illustrated through color pictures and hand-drawings on 190 pages. Get it, you are not going to regret your money! Book price is 27 US$ and p&p is 13 US$ so you will get this essential book for just 40 US$, a real bargain compared with all the goodies it will help you to grow in your back-yard!

To order, just send a mail to that's it folks!

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