Seeds of the month...

Those seeds just come out of the bean...Either recently produced by Barbadine or discovered in the depth of the virgin forest by our pathfinder, we are proud to offer them on the Web...

Abutilon sp. (Malvaceae) A nice maple (15 seeds/2,50€)

Acmella oleracea (Asteraceae) Annual used as vegetable (25 seeds/2,50€)

Aristea ecklonii (Iridaceae) South Africa perennial with blue flowers (10 seeds/2.50€)

Belamcanda chinensis (Iridaceae) Nice flowered perennial. (15 seeds/2,50€)

Brugmansia aurea (Solanaceae) 'Angel's trumpets' delicious flowers (15seeds/2,50€)

Cananga odorata (Annonaceae) Le famous ylang-ylang  (10 seeds/2.50€)

Capsicum frutescens (Solanaceae) Hot peppers to heat up your food! (15 seeds/2,50€)

Carpentaria acuminata (Arecaceae) A handsome Australian palm tree (10 seeds/2,50€)

Heliconia collinsiana (Heliconiaceae) Nice species with pendulous flowers (rhizome/7,50€)

Heliconia latispatha Orange upright flowers (rhizome/7,50€)

Macfadyena unguis-cati (Bignonaceae) A yellow flowered vine (15 seeds/2.50€)

Mimosa diplotricha (Mimosaceae) A prickly sensitive plant (20 seeds/2.50€)

Nicolaia elatior (Zingiberaceae) The amazing 'torch ginger'. As the rhizome is quite heavy (between 500 and 750g) the price includes postage (rhizome 25€). Now also available in red!

Passiflora flavicarpa 'Giant' (Passifloraceae) A yellow passionfruit with extra big fruits (15 seeds/2.50€)



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