TREES, PALMS AND SHRUBS SEEDS (available at a given time) 

Those species, as explained earlier, are not available all year as they cannot be kept long. So check the time of the year when you can get them, and order them one or two months before this time, some are in limited quantitys too. There you will find palm tree seeds.

Ardisia crenata (Myrsinaceae) 'Coral berry' evergreen shrub to 2m, with waxy deep green leaves, clusters of decorative long-lasting berries. (15 s./2,5€ june to sept.)

Bauhinia variegata (Caesalp.) Small tree with mauve and pink flowers. (15 seeds/2,5€ june to oct.)

Cestrum nocturnum (Solanaceae) 'Night jessamine' evergreen shrub, shining thin leaves and small tubular greenish flowers highly scented at night. (15 seeds/2,5€ may to sept.)

Coccoloba uvifera (Polygonaceae) Sea-side-grape. You will not make wine from its fruits, but the tree is a nice one, with big rounded glossy leaves. (15 seeds/2,5€ march to may)

Cordia amplifolia (Borraginaceae) Handsome tree, white flowers. (15 seeds/2,5€ sept. to dec.)

 Datura innoxia (Solanaceae) Shrub with erect white flowers, spiny husks. Will grow even in poor, dry soils but needs sun and heat. Caution, poisonous plant. (20 seeds/2,5€ june to nov.)

Datura metel Purplish pendulous flowers and non-spiny husks. (20 seeds/2,5€ may to august)

Dictyosperma album (Arecaceae) 'Princess palm' handsome palm to 10m. Endemic to the Mascarene islands (Mauritius and Reunion) (15 seeds/2,5€ feb. to july)

Dypsis lutescens (Arecaceae) Nice clustering palm from Madagascar. Easy to grow, makes an excellent house plant, in a well-lit room. (20 seeds /2,5€ april to june)

Hyophorbe verschaffeltii (Arecaceae) Palm tree endemic to the Rodrigues island, it has a fusiform or spindle-shaped tree. Grows on calcareous soils. (15 seeds/2,5€ dec. to sept.)

Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) Hairy shrub, very spiny, aromatic leaves. Flowers in heads verbena-like, pink or yellow, red and orange, possibly mixed. (20 seeds/2,5€ sept. to dec.)

Latania lontaroides (Arecaceae) Endemic to Reunion island, the 'red latan' is a rapid growing fan-palm with orange stalks. Seeds may take a year to sprout. (5 seeds/2,5€ april to sept.)

Melia azedarach (Meliaceae) The 'Indian lilac' has elegant bipinnate foliage and clusters of fragrant pale lavender flowers. Fruits are poisonous. (15 seeds/2,5€ may to sept.)

Moringa oleifera (Moringaceae) 'Horseradish tree' divided fern-like leaves, angled pendulous pods to 40 cm with edible seeds once roasted. For dry areas. (15 seeds/15FF april to sept.)

Murraya paniculata (Rutaceae) 'Satinwood' glossy green pinnate leaves, strongly scented white blooms in clusters, reminding of orange-tree flowers. (15 seeds/2,5€ july to sept.)

Thevetia peruviana (Apocynaceae) 'Yellow oleander' evergreen shrub with linear leaves, yellow to apricot funnel-shaped flowers. Tolerates dry aspects. (12 seeds/2,5€ may to sept.)

Triphasia trifoliata (Rutaceae) Spiny shrub from China, small scented white flowers followed by bright red fruits the size of a pea, perfect for bonsaļ. (12 s./2,5€ feb. to may)


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