climbers and vines seeds available at a given time

Those climbers seeds should be ordered a couple of months before the time given into brackets, and are to be sown on receipt.

Canavalia maritima (Fabaceae) Gound-cover liana, thick leaves, flowers pink with carmine heart. (15 seeds/2,5€ feb. to nov.)

Cardiospermum halicacabum (Sapindaceae) 'Balloon-vine' Small fast growing climber, parsley-like foliage, the fruit an elegant thin-shelled capsule. (15 seeds/2,5€ june to nov.)

Clitoria ternatea (Leguminosae) Blue flowered twinner with delicate foliage. (15 seeds/2,5€ july to january)

Coccinia grandis (Cucurbitaceae) Small vine with thick leaves, ornamental non-edible bright red fruits. (15 seeds/2,5€ march to may)

 Momordica charantia (Cucurbitaceae) The 'Bitter gourd' grows on a tendril-bearing vine, it is edible once cooked, although bitter. (15 seeds/2,5€ june to nov.)


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