Tropical fruits! Remember the delicacy and perfume of those wonderful fruits you ate on Bangkok's market, or was it Rio de Janeiro's? Well, even if you don't manage to raise maracuja or pitahaya in your back-yard, the plants themselves are worth a try...

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Anacardium occidentale (Anacardiaceae) The cashew nut. (5 seeds/2,5€ january to february)

Annona muricata (Annonaceae) The 'soursop' evergreen tree to 6m, dark shiny leathery leaves, big deep green fruit with short fleshy spines, tasty white flesh. (10 seeds/2,5€ oct. to may)

Annona reticulata The 'bullock's heart' is a sweet fruit, born on a small tree. It requires heat and humidity but will grow on rather poor soils. (15 seeds/2,5€ sept. to march)

Annona squamosa 'Sugar-apple' this fruit has a very soft and sweet flesh, the tree will grow happily in dry areas where it will be deciduous. (15 seeds/2,5€ may to nov.)

Artocarpus heterophyllus (Moraceae) The 'jackfruit' grows on this ficus-related tree, fruits can reach 15 kg. Sow immediatly on receipt. (6 big seeds/2,5€ sept to march)

Averrhoa carambola (Averrhoaceae) This handsome evergreen has leaves which close at night, fragrant flowers and bears the juicy and refreshing 'star-fruit'. (10 seeds/2,5€ may to aug.)

Cereus hexagonus (Cactaceae) Erect cactus with massive trunk (15s/2,5€)

Citrus hystrix (Rutaceae) The 'Mauritius papeda' has a very distinctive aroma used for creole cooking, the tree is a small one much like a small lime tree. (10 seeds/2,5€ march to sept.)

Cyphomandra betacea (Solanceae) 'Tree-tomato' shrub to 3m, with heart-shaped leaves, flowers in racemes, egg-shaped fruit ressembling a tomato. (20 seeds/2,5€ march to july)

Diospyros digina (Ebenaceae) Fruit tree with nice shiny foliage. (5s/2,5€ june to nov)

Dovyalis hebecarpa (Flacourtiaceae) 'Ceylon goose-berry' a decorative spiny evergreen small tree, deep purple soft edible fruit. Good for defensive hedges. (15 seeds/2,5€ may to oct.)

Eugenia brasiliensis (Myrtaceae) The 'Brazilian cherry' is a tasty little black-purple fruit growing on a decorative small tree with pink juvenile foliage. (12 seeds/2,5€ dec-january)

Eugenia uniflora 'Surinam cherry' this original grooved fruit with a distinctive spicy flavor grows on a small tree which leaves can be used for tea against fever. (12 seeds/2,5€ dec-jan.)

Euphoria longan (Sapindaceae) The 'longan' is a small rounded brown fruit with a very sweet taste of its own. The tree, from Asia, has a dense foliage. (15 seeds/2,5€ feb. to may)  

Flacourtia indica (Flacourtiaceae) The 'governor's plum' is a small globose maroon-red fruit born on a small spiny tree. (20 seeds/2,5€ july to oct.)

Hylocereus undatus (Cactaceae) Climbing night blooming cactus , the pitahaya (15s/2,5€)

Litchi chinensis (Sapindaceae) Tall tree, the lytchee has compound shiny leathery leaves and bears one of the best tropical fruits, juicy and sweet. (15 seeds/2,5€ dec. to january)

Psidium cattleyanum (Myrtaceae) 'Strawberry guava' this small round purplish-red fruit has a slightly acid taste, grows on a dense shrub with glossy leaves. (20 seeds/2,5€ march to oct.)

Psidium littorale Pretty much like above but bigger yellow fruits. (15 seeds/2,5€ march to october)

Psidium guayava 'Apple guava' the globose fruit is the size of a small orange, with a pink or yellow tasty flesh, the small tree up to 6-7m. (20 seeds/2,5€ april to oct.)

Psidium guayava 'nana' A dwarf guava, quite uncommon. (10s/2,5€ all year)

Syzygium cumini (Myrtaceae) This tree comes from Asia, has dark green leaves and produces purple-black fruits the size of an olive, with purple flesh. (15 seeds/2,5€ feb. to march)

Syzygium jambos 'Malay rose-apple' evergreen tree , scented flowers with showy white stamens, the fruit is cream-yellow, with a distinct rose aroma. (10 seeds/2,5€ january to feb.)

Tamarindus indica (Mimosaceae) Big tree to 25m , grown as ornamental shade tree and for its pods full of edible acid-sweet flesh. Enjoys dry areas. (15 seeds/2,5€ oct. to may)

Ziziphus mauritiana (Rhamnaceae) The jujube tree is a nice looking tree with spiny branches, the fruit is edible raw or once dried. Stands dry aspects. (12 seeds/2,5€ june to nov.)


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