VINES, CLIMBERS, passionflowers...

Now, you will find here seeds of fast growing plants, perfect to hide any undesirable fence or to fill up your green-house. We have a special interest in climbers, growing and collecting many species, adding more every once in a while, check out often for new species!

Abrus precatorius (Fabaceae) Woody vine with decorative seeds. (15seeds/2,5€)

Antigonon leptopus (Polygonaceae) 'Coral vine' showy climber with racemes of bright rose-pink flowers. (15s/2,5€)

Argyreia nervosa (Convolvulaceae) 'Silver morning-glory' this strong vine from India bears heart-shaped leaves and deep rose flowers. (10s/2,5€)

Aristolochia littoralis (Aristolochiaceae) 'Calico flower' graceful climber, easy to grow. (20s/2,5€)

Aristolochia ringens (Aristolochiaceae) Vine with unusually shaped flowers. (20s/2,5€)

Asarina erubescens (Scrophulariaceae) 'Creeping gloxinia' hairy plant with large trumpet shaped flowers, carmine rose with pale throat spotted pink. (30s/2,5€)

Asarina scandens A smaller species than above, purple flowered. (20s/2,5€)

Caesalpinia decapetala (Caesalpiniaceae) Very spiny climber shrub, yellow flowered. (15 s./2,5€)

Centrosemma virginianum (Fabaceae) Slender vine with purple-blue flowers (15s/2,5€)

Clitoria ternatea 'albiflora' (Fabaceae) Small white-flowered vine. (15s/2,5€)

Ipomoea alba (Convolvulaceae) 'Moon-flower' perennial twiner blooming at sunset, large pure white perfumed flowers looking like silk. (15s/2,5€)

Ipomoea coccinea Nice little annual climber, bright red trumpet-shaped flowers. (20s/2,5€)

Ipomoea coccinea Var. aurantia Unusual bright orange flowered morning glory (15s/2,5€)

Ipomoea nil Delicious pale blue flowered morning glory.(15s/2,5€)

 Ipomoea pes-caprae (Convolv.) 'Beach morning-glory' creeper on sandy shores, flowers are pink with carmine center. Stands sea salt. (15 seeds/2,5€ )

Ipomoea ochracea (Convolvulaceae) Perennial yellow flowered morning glory (15 graines/2,5€)

Ipomea purpurea Another morning glory, featuring purplish pink flowers (15s/2,5€)

Ipomoea quamoclit (Convolvulaceae) Climber with finely dissected leaves. (15 seeds/2,5€)

Lagenaria sphaerica (Cucurbitaceae) Climber bearing rather strange fruit; the size of a pomelo, green with pale stripes, non-edible but very decorative (15s/2,5€)

Luffa cylindrica (Cucurbitaceae) This vine produces the luffa sponge. (15s/2,5€

Merremia tuberosa (Conv.) Powerful twinner, bright yellow flowers followed by decorative pods once dry, the 'wood-rose'. (10s/2,5€)

Merremia umbellata Smaller than the above species, the bright yellow flowers are borne in umbel-like groups (cymes). Grows well in dry ground. (15s/2,5€)

Momordica charantia (Cucurbitaceae) Small vine, edible fruits. (12s/2,5€)

Mucuna pruriens (Fabaceae) This climber has clusters of deep-purple flowers (12s/2,5€)

Passiflora alata (Passifloraceae) Nice flower and edible fruit. (12 seeds/2,5€)

Passiflora miniata This very beautiful passionflower produces bright red flowers with a crimson corona, it has been sold erronously for years as Passiflora coccinea which is a different species. (15s/2,5€)

Passiflora edulis Coming from Brasil the purple granadilla is the fruit of this well known species, nice white flowers and glossy green foliage. (20s/2,5€)

P. edulis flavicarpa The yellow fruited form, flowers and fruits are bigger than in the previous species, but it requires more heat. Resistant to nematodes. (20s/2,5€)

Passiflora foetida 'Goat-scented passiflora'. Nice little white and pink flowers, hairy foliage, small orange edible fruits. Stands dry aspects pretty well. (20s/2,5€)

Passiflora foetida 'albiflora' (Passifloraceae) A white flowered variety of this nice species (10s/2,5€)

Passiflora ligularis The 'sweet granadilla'. This species comes from the Andes and will stand lower temperatures than its relatives. (20s/2,5€)

Passiflora maliformis The 'sweet calabash' has fragrant showy flowers and small round fruits with a hard shell, and a grape taste. Very tropical requirements. (15s/2,5€)

Passiflora mollissima (Actually, correct name should be P. tripartita var. mollissima) The 'banana passion flower' has delicious pendant pink flowers followed by banana-shaped fruits with a soft yellow skin. Sub-tropical. (20s/2,5€)

Passiflora quadrangularis The 'giant granadilla' has the biggest fruit of all passiflora and big colorful flowers. (15s/2,5€)

Passiflora suberosa The 'cork-barked passiflora' is a nice species with minute flowers and peas-like blue fruits. Nice excrescences on old stem. (20s/2,5€)

Rivea corymbosa (Conv.) The 'ololiuhqui', sacred vine from Mexico, rare. (10s/2,5€)

Stictocardia beraviensis (Convolvulaceae) African twiner with rosy red flowers. (15s/2,5€)



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