MISCELLANEOUS (seeds available at a given time)

Here you will find seeds of various types of plants;

Arachis hypogea (Fabacea) An easy and funny plant to grow, the peanut. Once pollinated, the flower digs itself in the ground to develop the fruit there. (15 seeds/2,5€ feb. to june)

Hedychium gardnerianum (Zingiberaceae) 'Kahili ginger' strong plant, fragrant showy flowers in terminal yellow spikes with bright red filaments. (15 seeds/2,5€ july to oct.)

Hedychium coccineum 'Scarlet ginger-lily' a robust perennial with stiff leaves smooth green above, bluish beneath. Spikes of scarlet flowers. (15 seeds/2,5€ june to oct.)

 Mirabilis jalappa (Nyctaginaceae) Tuberous perennial with fragrant flowers opening in the late afternoon. Soak seeds before sowing. (15 seeds/2,5€ april to oct.)

Salvia splendens (Labiaceae) Red flowered bushy sage, easy. (20 seeds/2,5€ nov. to may)

Sida carpinifolia (Malvaceae) Subshrub with small yellow flowers. (20 seeds/2,5€ april to sep.)

Tithonia diversifolia (Compositae) 'Tree marigold' perennial to 3m, thin 3-5 lobed leaves, large golden-yellow flowers. Grows in various areas. (20 seeds/2,5€ sept. to february)

Tribulus cistoides (Zygophyllaceae) Ground cover for dry sandy areas, yellow flowers, very spiny fruits, loves full sun. (15 seeds/2,5€ may to august)


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